Ronin Boxers

Australian Boxer National Winner 2016 Best Male Boxer

BEST MALE at the Australian Boxer National 2016

Ronin Boxers is a small New Zealand Kennel where breeding stock is carefully selected for quality, sound temperament and good health. We occasionally have boxer puppies for sale to approved homes.

We have some of the most thoroughly health tested boxers in New Zealand. Testing is mandatory in many countries and is the best way to breed for healthier, longer lived dogs. We regularly bring new lines into our breeding programme from around the world to help maintain the quality and health of our dogs.

Our dogs all enjoy the privileges of being house pets. They get to sleep in front of the fire in winter, sneak on the bed for a cuddle and sit on the sofa watching TV. It is important to us that each dog has one on one time every day, which may take the form of play training or going for a run in the country.

Helene Owen
Woodville, NZ

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